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Alice Carr | CEO, April Housing

Alice Carr



Alice Carr, CEO of  Blackstone’s affordable housing operating company, April Housing, shares her “why,” Blackstone’s commitment to preserving this housing long term, and the benefits of scale in this sector.

April Housing is Blackstone’s affordable housing operating platform, sitting alongside other Blackstone operating businesses like LINC, Livcor, EQ Office, and others. Blackstone has made a commitment to the long-term affordability of this portfolio well beyond the requirements of the portfolio’s use restrictions. With a 90,000 unit portfolio and a strong operating platform, April Housing is uniquely able to bring the benefits of size, scale and business platform to this housing. Alice also talks about the long-term, stable return profile of subsidized housing which fits well with the investment goals of Blackstone’s BREIT.  

Alice’s dedication to expand housing opportunities for lower income people and her career path is a lesson in the power of incremental change that transforms lives. She doesn’t shy away from addressing private equity’s role in public subsidies and stewardship toward the affordable housing sector, and we do a deep dive into the current public discourse around this topic.

Affordable housing has been an ongoing discussion on Leading Voices. Check out prior episodes with Daryl Carter of Avanath, Ismael Guerrero and Jane Graf of Mercy Housing, Robin Hughes of Abode Communities and HPN, John Stewart of the John Stewart Company, Bobby Turner of Turner Impact Capital, Ron Terwilliger representing Enterprise Community Partners, Antonio Marquez of Comunidad Partners, Rosanne Haggerty of Community Solutions, and Majora Carter for different windows into this ongoing, important discussion.


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