Why We Care

At ZRG, it is our corporate social responsibility to create positive changes within the communities we serve. As an integral part of our business, we have a continuing commitment to behave ethically and to contribute to the economic development of the workforce, the local community, and society at large. We are driven and passionate about helping people—one community at a time.

We align with compassionate companies that desire to provide meaningful employment in the New Jersey community, the location of our tri-state metro offices. To support that effort, ZRG pledges 10 percent of its net profits to further this cause.

Crossroads Job Network (CJN) is a highly impactful not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless in Paterson, NJ. We partnered with CJN to help those in need of gainful employment -- giving hope, meaning, and productivity to their lives.

Other Supported Charities

In addition to the corporate support of Crossroads Job Network, our team is very active in personal support for many not-for-profits. Caring about people and giving back is in our DNA.

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