Operational Excellence

In addition to our leadership and culture teams, we have a full bench of consultants ready to assist with finance and operational needs. We can deploy seasoned professionals quickly with targeted expertise to help you reach the next level of success or meet an unexpected challenge. Rely on our deep expertise in these areas. 

Audit Readiness

Lack of audit expertise, limited resources and accounting records that are not “audit ready” can all interfere with the process. Our audit readiness experts anticipate the trouble spots and meet them head on, with insights, ideas and solutions for getting at the information that will meet auditors’ expectations.

New Accounting Pronouncements

ASC 606 and ASC 842 come with unique challenges that require specialist attention. For ASC 606, the implementation process can lead to some adjustments in how contracts are structured in addition to pricing and go-to-market strategies. With ASC 842, some companies have found themselves to appear more leveraged than they were under historical GAAP, as right-of-use assets and associated obligations move on to the balance sheet, and out of the footnotes. Our seasoned specialsts can help execute at this technical level.

Technical Accounting Services

Anything out of the ordinary in accounting can put the existing skills of the finance and accounting team to the test. With their experience and adaptability to the company they are helping, our technical accounting pros can be invaluable in getting a company through an accounting quandary or to weigh in on the implications of an accounting change.

Financial Statement Restatements

Time is of the essence during the entire process for financial statement restatements as the company needs to meet the expectations of more skeptical investors, auditors, and the SEC. Under heightened scrutiny, no further mistakes can be made as the company works to regain trust and provide everyone with further explanation and updated information. Our finance and accounting experts will be a supportive force throughout the process. They’ll keep everything moving on time, through the final step of when you’ll have restated audit financial statements in hand.

Systems Review

Clunky, outdated systems hold companies back. Boost productivity, raise efficiency and ensure accuracy with a review of current systems that addresses your current and future needs.

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