Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Greater intellectual capital

Cultures. Backgrounds. Thoughts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion need to be a business priority. We recognize the value in teams comprised of diverse backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives.

We are passionate about our approach to securing the best possible talent from every background and are resolved to build, for our clients, best-in-class diverse organizations. We know that companies can reach greater intellectual capital when their leadership teams and organizations are populated with professionals from a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds.

ZRG has an unshakable belief in the value of companies rich with diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and actions. We evangelize a diversity philosophy and understand that future-thinking companies question not only the status quo but also everyday operating norms, thus seeing a danger in a lack of diversity. Diversity of thought equals innovation, and a diverse workforce is inventive, imaginative, competitive, and more profitable. New hires are more apt to choose a company that has a kaleidoscope of employees. Studies have shown that with a more diverse workforce, retention is enhanced as well. Organizations with a strong belief in diversity recruitment will be prepared to take the lead in their respective industries for years to come.

Our business model allows us to harness the best and brightest talent available, paying close attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are connected to renowned affinity groups, attend diversity conventions, and are constantly on the lookout to identify superstars. We are known and respected for our relationships and, via our proprietary data and analytics approach, clients have come to expect that we will harness the elite, diverse candidates for senior-level positions.

ZRG is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout all of our search practices.

This HBR article is a tremendous piece about what types of action companies must take to commit to an agenda to pursue meaningful racial equity.  Companies who adhere to these commitments, or certainly do what they can to advance the cause, will be transformative.

The 10 Commitments Companies Must Make to Advance Racial Justice

Diversity Team