About Us

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A client-first, mission-driven company

Clients. Integrity. Data. Global.

ZRG’s mission is to bring talented candidates who are leaders in their respective fields to our client companies. We adhere to a set of core values through processes that are scalable to efficiently fulfill clients needs. We take pride and care to ensure that we help our clients acquire strong leadership within their company.

Our Core Values

  • Client-centered
    At ZRG, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the expectation of our clients. These results are achieved by taking the time to thoroughly listen and understand the leadership requirements of each individual company. We make it all possible by putting the client first. At ZRG, it’s not a numbers game; we provide individual and specialized attention to each client. It’s not just about filling the role. Our talented team searches for the rising stars that will make an impact for our clients. And while we are client-centered, we know that candidates matter and deserve great treatment as well.
  • Integrity
    We believe integrity is the core of our business. Without it, we would not be the firm we are today. Never compromised, our standard of ethics is second to none. With professionalism in our actions 100 percent of the time, we value honesty and integrity in the highest form and strive to provide the very best to our clients, candidates, and staff.
  • Data-driven
    Technology is disrupting how the world does business, and we have noticed. We built our business practice around innovation and new technologies—including our proprietary Z Score process that provides data-driven, fact-based, analytical measurements for executive search. When sourcing top candidates, we believe that superior research and ongoing outreach are keys to finding and attracting top talent. But it is our data and analytics that ensure the best selection and ultimate hire.
  • Global
    As a mid-sized firm, our strategy is unique compared to our larger firm counterparts. We bring the best aspects of a boutique firm, and we enhance them with our global reach. Our scalability and flexibility allows us to provide consistent deliverables to all of our clients.

Our History

Founded in 1999, ZRG’S sole focus was to match our clients with the right leaders. Our mission was to revitalize a prosaic industry—a mission that we still embark on today.

Leveraging years of experience with our ability to identify quality candidates, we understand that finding leadership is the most vital decision for your business. Strong leadership effectively steers the ship of your company. It’s not uncommon for businesses to falter under sub-par leadership; that’s where ZRG comes into play.

At ZRG, we perceive market changes. Our core values, topped with our efficient analytical process, give us the competitive advantage to provide our clients with the industry advantage. Our team thrives on collaboration, reemphasizing a culture that is hands-on, nimble, and responsive -- with strong industry domain and functional experience.

Our commitment is to orient ourselves with each client’s needs, while swiftly filling their leadership roles and delivering top talent that is the right cultural fit.

Why We Care

At ZRG, it is our corporate social responsibility to create positive changes within the communities we serve. As an integral part of our business, we have a continuing commitment to behave ethically and to contribute to the economic development of the workforce, the local community, and society at large. We are driven and passionate about helping people—one community at a time.

  • Jobs for Those Who Need Them Most
    We align with compassionate companies that desire to provide meaningful employment in the New Jersey community, the location of our tri-state metro offices. To support that effort, ZRG pledges 10 percent of its net profits to further this cause.
  • Commitment to Community
    Crossroads Job Network (CJN) is a highly impactful not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless in Paterson, NJ. We partnered with CJN to help those in need of gainful employment -- giving hope, meaning, and productivity to their lives.

Other Supported Charities

In addition to the corporate support of Crossroads Job Network, our team is very active in personal support for many not-for-profits. Caring about people and giving back is in our DNA.