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Technology executives can have quite a broad set of responsibilities depending on the industry. There are the fundamental needs of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, cloud storage, data digitalization, and database/ system integration. Then, for example, if you are in the manufacturing industry, you add onto that data management, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence. If you are in the finance industry, you are additionally looking at security and privacy management. If you are in the retail industry, you also manage eCommerce, social, media, marketing, and digital promotions. The list is long, the costs are incremental, the long-term plans are critical, and if anything goes wrong, you better be prepared.

As recruiters in this space, we know that technical prowess is not enough. You need to be visionary, you need to be financially astute, and you need to be a great communicator. These skill sets are necessary in every sector, and only then do we drill down into the unique needs of your organization.

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