Empowering Change Through Leadership

We are committed to fostering leadership that can change the world. Our talent professionals specialize in placing leaders capable of navigating the complex landscapes of social impact organizations, including private industry, nonprofits, and governmental entities. Our nuanced understanding of these organizations' challenges enables us to provide unparalleled insight and access to the visionary leaders they seek.

Understanding Social Impact and Nonprofit Leadership Needs

The ideal leaders are committed to the cause and possess the leadership skills, strategic insight, and operational experience to guide the organization toward its goals. We help our clients identify and deploy individuals who balance this passion with practical team and budget management expertise.

We believe in the power of social impact organizations to shape a better world, and we are committed to empowering them with the leadership they need to realize their vision.

Specialized Expertise

Our team has partnered with clients across the social impact and nonprofit worlds, including in the following fields:

Social Impact Organizations

– Accelerators
– Incubators
– Foundations and Philanthropies
– Government
– Public-Private Partnerships
– Social Impact Investment Funds


– Advocacy
– Climate and Conservation
– Culture and Arts
– Education
– Faith
– Health
– Housing and Community Development
– Humanitarian
– NGOs
– Scientific/Research
– Social Services
– Veterans Affairs/Advocacy

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