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Culture describes the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged, or tolerated within your company. Our end-to-end cultural change management solutions are designed to help your business wherever you are on your journey.

Our Cultural Change Management Solutions

We work with you to identify the business challenges you face and what’s causing them at the culture level to determine the products and services most suited to your specific requirements. Your cultural needs are unique. We think your solutions should be too. We provide end-to-end bespoke corporate culture products and services, as well as stand-alone products to accelerate your culture transformation and achieve your business imperative.

Defining Your Culture

You are clear on the strategic priorities for your business but are not sure about what kind of culture you need to deliver on your strategy. Our Target Culture Mapping program is a half-day workshop with your top team that creates alignment of leaders around the cultural attributes you need to fully enable your strategy.

Transforming Your Culture

Your business environment is changing. Maybe you need to move from a technology focus to a customer focus? Our end-to-end culture transformation methodology gives you the confidence that your culture will change fast and in a sustainable way. Please contact us to find out more about our end-to-end culture transformation methodology.

Creating Your Culture Plan

Why create a Culture Plan? Because culture is another enabler of your business, like Finance, Procurement, Legal or Human Resources.

You need a plan to make sure you are driving the right activities and the right outcomes, and that you are measuring progress. Our unique methodology has been designed to help you develop your Culture Plan in six weeks, complete with governance and metrics.

Measuring Your Culture

To select the right tool and approach to measure culture, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Why do we want to measure culture?”  

Why Measure Your Culture?

There are three main reasons why you may want to measure culture:

Understand Culture

You want a comprehensive overview of all the dimensions of your culture. This will help to describe it for the whole organization and draw comparisons between different business units or divisions.

Our Culture Insights Survey gives you rich demographic data of 80+ behaviours at play in your business. It can also be used to re-test your culture.

Diagnose Culture

-You need to deep-dive to learn what is going on in your culture. -

If you can describe your culture but don’t know what drives it, your interventions will be generic and scattered. Our unique, proprietary Discover Culture Diagnostic gives you everything you need to know about why your culture is the way it is, so that you can put an action plan in place.

Track Culture

You have identified your target culture and want to measure your progress over time.

Our Pulse Survey gives you a regular measure of progress on the adoption of the target behaviors in your leaders, managers, and employees. Our Habi Nudge online tool is a personal and team development tool that helps people build new habits centered on a chosen pattern of behavior.

Developing Your Culture

Developing Your Top Team

Culture is led from the top, so you need your top leaders aligned in order to lead the culture of your organization in a coherent and powerful way. You also need each member of the top team to act as role models for the behaviors you want to see in the rest of the organization.

Our top team development approach addresses both the high-performing and culture role modeling components of the team.

Developing Your Culture Leadership

Culture is created by the “walk” of your leaders: by what they do; not by what they say. Building leaders as culture role models and starting the important shift in mindset and behaviors in the broad leadership of your organization is a priority area.

Change Management

Once you have established your culture, do not just leave it as it is. There is always room for growth and it is important to regularly monitor and adapt your culture to meet the needs of your organisation. Measuring your progress is the key to improvement; best practices include:

Building Culture Management Capability in Your People

We don’t give you food, we teach you to fish. The last thing you need is for your culture to stall once the consultants are gone. Our HR / OD Capability Build Program is a training program that teaches your team to lead, manage and support culture.

Auditing Your Culture

You’ve been working on your culture for a few months or years and are not achieving expected results. Why are people not changing behaviour? Why are they resisting the change? What levers for change are you not using?

Our Culture Audit assesses the effectiveness of your culture strategy and identifies the levers you need to pull in relation to your behaviours, systems and symbols to get your culture journey back on track.

Our Leading by Example methodology equips leaders with the tools and capability to understand how they impact culture and whether, and to what extent, they are acting as role models. We support them to shift their personal behavior in line with your target.

Getting Your Middle Managers on Board

The “middle” of your organization is where a lot of things happen. This is where your strategy gets executed day-in, day-out. This is also where resistance to change can appear and change programs get stuck.

Our People Manager Activation supports your people managers through the journey and turns them into positive agents of change.

Training Your People in New Ways of Doing Things

To achieve the tipping point for culture transformation, both top-down and bottom-up pressure for change is required. Our behavioral change programs take participants to a deeper level, helping individuals identify their self-limiting beliefs and reframing them to be able to change their behavior fast.

Our programs are interactive, energizing, reflective and focused. They can be delivered 100% virtually or face-to-face. We can build a specific program for the behaviors you want to shift or you can select one from our off-the-shelf offerings.

Our most successful behavioral change programs are our Walking with Accountability program and our Walking with Agility program.

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