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Once your leadership team has aligned around and defined your company’s business strategies, vision, and values, they must confront the critical issues standing in the way of world-class performance and capitalize on the richest opportunities for growth and profitability. The Business Acceleration Teams (BAT) process is our proven methodology for accelerating an organization’s ability to deliver real financial results while simultaneously developing the leadership skills of a core group of change agents.

Features of the Process

- A disciplined 90-day process to accelerate alignment, change, leadership development, and forward progress on critical issues facing company
- A team-based approach to developing practical, actionable, measurable recommendations and implementation plans for accelerating results
- A cross-functional, leader-led intervention to break down organizational silos and build shared accountability for the success of the enterprise-level
- A way to embed new ways of working and new tools into the business through shared  experience and application to real business
- An opportunity to assess and develop a core group of leaders who are prepared to lead and drive transformation of the company
- A template for building high-performance teams that can be replicated across the business

Elements of the Process

Three workshops attended by senior team and project team members, with interim work between workshops
- Senior team members serve as sponsors of project teams
- Project teams composed of 6-8 of the organization’s “best and brightest” leaders
- Project teams are “leaderless”, self-managing, and empowered
- Project teams are tasked with delivering practical, actionable, measurable recommendations and implementation plans
- Project teams are tasked with managing stakeholders and ensuring alignment to recommendations
- Our consultants design, facilitate, and support all aspects of the process
- Our consultants coach sponsors, project teams, and individual participants

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