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Bobby Turner | Principal & CEO of Turner Impact Capital

Bobby Turner, the Principal and CEO of Turner Impact Capital, and previously the leader of Canyon’s real estate investment platform, is a passionate force for good in the real estate industry.

His career began as a money maker and pure wealth creator in the private equity world, particularly in real estate at Canyon. Gradually, he eased into impact investing through an early partnership with Magic Johnson. This led to a revelation that inspired him to focus exclusively on impact investing, the art of balancing impact and profits, and the creation of Turner Impact Capital.

Since 2014, Turner Impact Capital has become one of the country’s largest social impact investment funds, with $3 billion of investment potential in three areas:

Workforce housing where they have acquired 7800 units.

Charter schools with his partner Andre Agassi, which has built 103 public charter schools.

Healthcare facilities investments where they have developed or acquired 15 community healthcare centers.

Bobby is a compelling, brilliant man who strongly makes the case for pursuing social good through the lens of business.



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