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Ismael Guerrero | President and CEO of Mercy Housing

Ismael Guerrero, President and CEO of Mercy Housing, dissects the housing affordability crisis, subsidized housing, and stewardship of public dollars.

Founded in 1981, Mercy Housing has grown into the nation’s largest nonprofit owner of affordable housing. Ismael’s entire career is evidence of his dedication to supporting low-income families and building vibrant communities through innovative developments, so taking on this leadership role in 2020 was a natural fit. I had the joy of working with two of Ismael’s predecessors, the legendary Sister Lillian and inimitable Jane Graf. We talk about how their commitment to building a national, of-scale business with a heart for social justice is part of what makes Mercy Housing’s impact so transformational.

Ismael explains how ultimately, housing is the foundation on which all other community resources depend on for success. Without a stable home, education, health, and economic outcomes suffer. While his insights certainly hammer home the urgency of the housing crisis, they come with an encouraging truth: affordable housing is an investment in the future of humanity and the return on that is incalculable.

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