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Our History

Our History

Founded in 1999, ZRG’S sole focus was to match our clients with the right leaders. Our mission was to revitalize a prosaic industry—a mission that we still embark on today.

Leveraging years of experience with our ability to identify quality candidates, we understand that finding leadership is the most vital decision for your business. Strong leadership effectively steers the ship of your company. It’s not uncommon for businesses to falter under sub-par leadership; that’s where ZRG comes into play.

At ZRG, we perceive market changes. Our core values, topped with our efficient analytical process, give us the competitive advantage to provide our clients with the industry advantage. Our team thrives on collaboration, reemphasizing a culture that is hands-on, nimble, and responsive -- with strong industry domain and functional experience.

Our commitment is to orient ourselves with each client’s needs, while swiftly filling their leadership roles and delivering top talent that is the right cultural fit.