The ZRG Difference


For over 20 years, ZRG has changed the way clients think about finding top talent through a process that aligns industry, functional, and geographical expertise with both data-driven methodology and tools that provide the quantitative metrics needed to make better hiring decisions.

Centered around a client-first mentality, ZRG has assembled top-tier practice group specialists to form leading teams around the globe. Coupled with our process and candidate assessment tools, the collaboration of these industry experts has made ZRG one of the fastest-growing executive search firms in the world.

The ZRG process has been proven through the years and was recently upgraded to near perfection with the introduction of our proprietary candidate assessment and client portal software, the Zi Platform. This new digital hiring platform is powered by our Z Score process and combines talent intelligence, candidate insights, and process improvement to deliver executive searches more quickly and with better results.

The Z Score evolution:


  • Delivers clear results by enabling you to view candidates in a measured and clear way, rated and graded according to what you think is important
  • Quantifies the costs and tradeoffs of hires with compensation dynamics built into every project
  • Provides real-time interview feedback, unlocking the wisdom of your team to drive great decision making
  • Allows you to access every aspect of every search anywhere, anytime
  • Speeds up the overall process of landing the best candidates, arriving at the onboarding step 30% faster than a typical search process

The latest feature added to our digital hiring suite:


The one-of-a-kind algorithm to predict culture fit for an executive hire.

Ask one of our ZRG professionals to walk you through this revolutionary tool and its latest Culture Fit Score feature that is disrupting the executive search industry.