The ZRG Difference

People, process and data

Fact-based. Data-driven. Analytical.

ZRG is dramatically changing the Human Capital Management landscape with our proprietary Z Score process. Clients receive the most extensive and efficient hiring methods that produce accountability and focus with a defined, committed process to ensure success. Z Score encodes data-driven search results in a unified process worldwide.

In addition to expertly fitting talent to leadership positions, our Z Score process strategically targets talent to specific cultures, validating that we have found the best candidate for each role. Our proprietary hiring scorecards increase the odds of finding top talent and provide the ultimate fact-based solution for the right hiring decision.

A solid hire is not made on intuition alone. With Z Score, you can utilize our state-of-the-art tools to validate the best-fit hiring decisions and to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Z Score provides: 
    • Time Savings
      Efficient, yet extensive, hiring and screening process saves clients up to 70% of the time currently required in hiring for key positions.
    • Increased Odds
      Comprehensive, information-based process increases odds of the right hire by providing relevant data to make great decisions.
    • Increased Retention and Productivity
      A candidate’s skills and attributes are measured and presented in a quantitative way to specifically match a position and cultural fit, thus increasing retention and productivity.
  • ZRG Processes
    • Although each search is unique, the process to get there is consistent.
    • We use key variables to match skill sets, job requirements, and cultural fits.
    • Our matching criteria is consistent between companies, geographies, sectors, and functions
  • Our People Network
    Every ZRG consultant has worked in the industry and is a people-person. Our networking connections started the day each of us started working, and we have grown our communities from one to six degrees of separation, facilitating access to a large group of candidates who fulfill the expectations for your job opening.