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Sharon Wilson Géno | President of the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)


Sharon Wilson Géno, President of NMHC, and Matt discuss the public policy and public perception challenges around the apartment industry’s role in addressing our nation’s housing shortage. 

The systemic housing shortage has become one of the top social and political issues impacting our country today. Sharon Wilson Géno has spent three decades leading for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental entities in efforts to remedy these affordability and accessibility challenges. Now, leading NMHC, Sharon has jumped into the deep end, representing the apartment industry and its critical role in providing housing solutions. 

In this conversation, Sharon and Matt address the topic from two sides. First, steps that the industry can take to ease the negative public perception of our industry, turning the negative perception of “landlord” and “developer” to positive collaborators in providing housing and service as well as in our industry’s role in developing communities. Second, representing the industry in the political sphere, addressing the range of legislation and regulation at the local, state, and federal levels.

If this conversation with Sharon strikes a chord, make sure you revisit previous episodes with Doug Bibby, Sharon’s predecessor at NMHC and Ed Walter, the prior CEO of ULI, and another interview with the two of them together in the Leading Voices archive.


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