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Doug Bibby & Ed Walter | President, National Multifamily Housing Council; Global CEO, Urban Land Institute


Matt converses with Doug Bibby of the National Multifamily Housing Council and Ed Walter of the Urban Land Institute this week. Doug and Ed are retiring soon from their respective roles, and both are stalwart leaders, especially through how they have pointed their organizations and, by extension, the industry as a whole toward responsible citizenry for the next generation of the business.

Matt believes that as real estate development has become more scaled and institutional, responsible long-term thinking and stability are becoming more important industry behaviors than maximizing profits — it is a smart business practice that protects both individual companies as well as the reputation of the overall industry. Doug and Ed remind the listener that in this interconnected world, anyone can fall victim to the behavior and opinions of their neighbors or competitors. Yet, it is the real estate industry’s responsibility — especially through its investors and developers — to set a high bar for its reputation.


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