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Scott Rechler | Chairman & CEO, RXR


Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO of RXR, delves into office space, the current downturn in the market, and the value and importance of civic leadership for our industry.

This episode with Scott builds upon my last conversation with Colin Connolly of Cousins Properties on the state of the office sector, while going beyond the topic at hand and into the broader realm of the commercial real estate markets.

Scott’s thoughtful perspective on the wide-range of opportunities and challenges within the industry right now is pertinent and marked with an important call to action for developers and investors to act responsibly and with long term thinking about development and the communities in which we develop and operate. RXR’s example of civic leadership shows how powerful embodying these values can be for a developer striving to move the needle on big, meaningful projects.

Conducting this interview with Scott live from his office at the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC on September 6 was the ideal environment to capture the inspiring ideas he shares about the evolution and future of office.


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