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Colin Connolly on Leading Voices in Real Estate


Colin Connolly | President & CEO, Cousins Properties

Colin Connolly, President and CEO of Cousins Properties, details their outperformance in Sun Belt trophy lifestyle offices and the broader office market.

Cousins, a fully-integrated REIT, is solely focused on “trophy lifestyle office” properties in the Sun Belt region and has outperformed Class A office properties in its markets. Colin talks about the cultural and societal shifts driving the top end of the office market alongside the challenges facing the broader office sector. Indeed, Colin points out, for the overall sector, that the office market is “not just overbuilt, it is under demolished.” 

Colin’s valuable insight into how he sees businesses realigning with the cultural and social shifts of the new office landscape, particularly the drivers of trophy lifestyle office, is the perfect kickstart to the several episode exploration of office on Leading Voices. In the following episodes, you will hear point-counterpoint with Colin’s perspective from Scott Rechler from RXR talking about New York and then Stephanie Biernbaum, Chief People Officer of Hines, and Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines, talking about Hines’ business evolution during this time of significant change in the office product and its overall business.


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