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Matt Slepin | When the Host Becomes the Guest


I’m trading places this week, and I’m the guest! Enjoy this rebroadcast of my interview on Juniper Square’s The Distribution podcast with Brandon Sedloff.

Occasionally, I like to pop onto other people’s podcasts about real estate and share my perspective on the industry. Chatting with Brandon was a treat. He did great work driving the conversation toward topics I’m passionate about and providing valuable context. We cover a wide range of ideas, from the institutionalization of real estate and our responsibility as an industry on the ESG and DEI fronts, to building one’s career for the “long game”.

I share about my experience of merging Terra Search Partners into ZRG Partners and some insight behind the evolution of the Leading Voices Podcast. Thanks to Brandon for inviting me to take the interviewee seat. I highly recommend listening to more episodes from The Distribution podcast for more honest conversations about private markets.

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