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Alex Robinson | CEO & Co-Founder of Juniper Square

This week Matt sits down with Alex Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Juniper Square, a real estate technology company that is providing major backbone infrastructure for real estate investment managers and how they interface with their LPs. Juniper Square has gained tremendous market share over a short six years. Now that it has significant scale, it has the opportunity to play a major role in helping to create a more transparent and low-friction marketplace for GPs and LPs to bring capital and investment opportunities together in the real estate investment business. Juniper Square’s next level of work in its capital marketplace could be truly transformative for the industry.

Alex’s success with Juniper’s Square’s resonates deeply with Matt on a personal level. Matt shares that years ago, when real estate was still the domain of the mom-and-pops and the deal cowboys, he was the Executive Director of the Multifamily Housing Institute. One of his jobs was to compile and share property and loan-level data and create an industry-wide database that supported moving multifamily from a secondary asset class into a primary asset class for real estate equities. His data project was 20 years too early, but it fills him with pride to see Alex start to make headway in that area.

Alex and Matt drill down into accounting, reporting, transparency and capital markets. For Matt, this conversation has been timely given his recent work with CFOs and CEOs — the capital markets are the core driver behind every action taken in the capital intensive real estate business. 



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