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Caroline Johns on Leading Voices in Real Estate


Caroline Johns | Director of Sustainability, Pembroke

Caroline Johns, Pembroke’s Director of Sustainability, details their long-term perspective on sustainability investments and resilient real estate assets.

Caroline is the second interview in this year’s third annual series on real estate and carbon. Following Brad Dockser of GreenGen’s overview on institutional real estate’s efforts to shape a low-carbon future, Caroline gets into the weeds on how Pembroke is accomplishing this important initiative. Pembroke is a private real estate investment firm associated with the parent company of Fidelity Investments, known for its global reach and long-term vision for growth.

Caroline’s cross-disciplinary role within the real estate investment part of the company provides a blueprint for what dynamic, disciplined leadership in sustainability looks like. Her perspective also captures how the longview only underlines how essential a sustainability role and a carbon-focused vision are for real estate firms who want to build the future.


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