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Sara Neff | Head of Sustainability at Lendlease Americas

Matt’s guest this week is Sara Neff, Head of Sustainability at Lendlease Americas, a globally integrated real estate and investment group specializing in creating strong cities and connected communities. Sara dives into all aspects of sustainability in real estate, emphasizing that materials, construction practices, and management need to support carbon-neutral goals.

Sara inspires business leaders to raise the bar in their companies on decarbonization and encourages young people interested in sustainability to join the real estate business. There is huge work to be done and this is an opportunity to move the needle on carbon not just in the industry, but nationally and globally.

Sara believes that a business’ level of commitment to sustainability is a good indicator of its overall management quality. Leadership that cares about sustainability has a long-term vision for their company and can see that carbon-neutral, sustainable buildings are the future of the market.

August kicks off a month of podcasts dedicated to climate change, beginning with this conversation with Sara. In two weeks, a conversation will be recorded live in Copenhagen with Michael Colville-Anderson, author of the book “Copenhagenize” and the host of the podcast series “The Life Sized City Urbanism Podcast.” Join Leading Voices all month for these crucial conversations on how real estate is changing the conversation around climate change and sustainability.



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