Jesse Stein | Global Head of Real Estate at Airbnb


Jesse Stein, Global Head of Real Estate at Airbnb, brings us up to date on Airbnb generally and focuses on Airbnb’s partnerships with institutional owners of apartments to facilitate the option for their residents to “Airbnb” their units.

On May 20, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jesse at my kitchen table in Sonoma County. We talked about Airbnb generally and specifically focused on his work, as Global Head of Real Estate, to establish partnerships with institutional owners and managers of apartments to formalize approaches to facilitate their residents to "Airbnb" their units. We go in depth into what this management and policy infrastructure looks like, and what has surprised him throughout the growth journey of the business in various geographic locations and political jurisdictions.

Given the country's continued housing shortage, a topic that we cover frequently on Leading Voices, Airbnb is a hot topic with no simple sound-bite answer, particularly to the question of allowing apartment residents to earn extra money by occasionally Airbnb'ing their units.

Now that Airbnb and other sharing-economy businesses are here to stay, this is a timely and important conversation. I hope you enjoy this episode.



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