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Joe Framain & Andrew Kitchell | Co-Founders of Lyric

Joe Fraiman and Andrew Kitchell, the Co-Founders of Lyric, While it is tempting to compare their startup business to Airbnb, it is actually quite different. Lyric is a highly curated, highly designed, professionally-operated version of rentals where they have total control over the supply, design, and experience of their guests.



With a background in software and finance, Joe moved West and started Tastemaker, a company created to help people find the right interior designer. At this time, Andrew was managing Beyond Stays and reached out to Joe at Tastemaker to remodel their properties.

They had lunch and quickly realized they shared a passion for the possibilities at the intersection of technology, data, and real estate. They saw that people want to live and travel in a more flexible, experience-driven way and they decided to learn: what does this transition look like, what are the challenges, and how can they solve them?



Bridging the trust gap with apartments and short-term rentals was an immediate challenge. However, by identifying the underlying reasons for mistrust between apartments and short-term renters, Lyric was able to implement strategies that built trust, like background checks.

As the relationships blossomed, Lyric secured the high-quality product they wanted while providing apartments with new revenue streams for their portfolios, valuable amenities for their residents, and an additional conversion funnel.

“The most interesting thing is that we have the ability to serve all kinds of different types of customers and use cases… Everything from the two-day leisure trip, the five-day business trip, the 30-90 day relocation or home displacement, all the way to the much longer pattern,” said Andrew.



From the beginning, Joe and Andrew knew the importance of securing investors – which include NEAFifth Wall VenturesBarry Sternlicht, and Signal Fire – who would help them scale, build up their real estate expertise, grow their brand, double down on data, and accelerate growth.

“It’s about having the passion and the curiosity to say ‘Hey, I believe there is something behind that mountain and we’re going to hike in that direction, and we’re going to learn things along the way, and course correct,’ and I think that’s what investors are looking for,” said Joe.

Andrew and Joe are quick to admit that it would be challenging to run a company of Lyric’s scope by themselves. They credit their complementary skill sets and ability to discuss things with the other as vehicles for helping them move quickly, test things, and solve problems.

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