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Lori Prehar

Managing Director
Embedded Recruiting


Lori’s sales career spans over 2 decades. Prior to ZRG, she has solved B2B problems for SaaS Software startups to Telecom giants like BellSouth.  Based in Austin, she takes a boutique, client- centric approach and is consistently a Top Performer.

In her years at ZRG’s Embedded Recruiting as a Managing Director she has helped 75 organizations build world-class team in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Device, Pharma, Manufacturing, Technology, Robotics, Manufacturing, Sports Tech, Fin Tech, Banking, Ed Tech, AdTech, Fem Tech, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Insurance and Non-profit.  Lori finds her role on ZRG's Embedded team her true calling - a seamless blend of her skills and passion. Lori asserts that innovative organizations' results hinge on exceptional teams, while even cutting-edge solutions falter with mediocre ones. 

Lori completed her BA in Marketing at Bentley University. Outside of her professional arena, Lori was married at West Point's Cadet Chapel 21 years ago and is a dedicated veteran's wife and a proud mother of five, bringing warmth and dedication to every aspect of her cherished relationships.

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