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Amanda is Walking the Talk's CEO. A global culture thought leader, she is passionate about helping organisations unlock culture as a catalyst for growth, helping people and organisations thrive. 

Over the past 25 years she has worked with hundreds of CEOs, Executives and Leaders all over the world, helping them build culture as a strategic asset.

Amanda continually challenges the status quo through applied research into the future of work and innovative product design and shares her expertise through CEO advisory, top teamwork and keynote speeches.  Her dedication towards challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries is evident in her advisory roles as a CEO, team leader, and through her keynote speeches.

Her work on culture has taken her to almost every continent in the world (she is still waiting on that Antarctica opportunity), offering her a global outlook on culture and leadership development. Her hands-on expertise covers an array of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, energy, technology, and pharmaceuticals.

Amanda's academic background includes a Master's Degree in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London. She has actively contributed to the academia with publications in the British Journal of Social Psychology, specifically focusing on Diversity and Inclusion. Her insights have been included in the World Book of Values, and she has been instrumental in the development of the Australian National Diploma in change management. Notably, her prowess has been sought after not just by corporations but also by governments, evidenced by her advisory role to the UK government on organisational culture.

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