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Steve Kimmelman | Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of Redwood Living


Steve Kimmelman, Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of Redwood Living, shares how “doing one thing really well” brought his unique product vision for build to rent housing to life.

Redwood Living is a build to rent owner/operator/developer based in Cleveland, Ohio, hallmarked by its 100+ unit, low density project on essentially the same general acreage as a 300 unit traditional garden style apartment community. What sets it apart though, is that each property is a single story, two bedroom unit with an attached two car garage.

Steve has had tremendous success with, and demand for this product type in suburban locations in nine states, but in particular in his home state of Ohio, a market that we have not much discussed on Leading Voices. He’s never sold a property and now has a portfolio of some 17,000 units and a robust pipeline, despite this very challenging market for new development.

Steve’s story is one of resilience, belief in an idea, and focus. Overcoming barriers to entry in the industry is impressive, but it’s Steve’s intentional, careful crafting of the business structure and values that has given it longevity and lasting success.


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