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Tim Schoen | President & CEO of BioMed Realty

This week’s guest is Tim Schoen, President and CEO of BioMed Realty, a Blackstone company and an industry leader in life science and technology-focused real estate. 

Tim is a deeply experienced real estate and capital markets professional, and he is a true business leader within the biotech field. In this episode, Tim drills into the dynamics of the biotech real estate space, which has such a different business model, unique customer base, and range of specialty skills within the team to make it a market leader.

Tim shares his passion about the real estate business overall as well as the intellectual engagement in focusing on the biotech field. Tim is fascinating to listen to because he is “always learning,” as evidenced by his leadership at BioMed, serving on the Salk Institute Board, and the challenges and opportunities for both the bio tech and real estate businesses to contribute to carbon reduction. 



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