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Stephanie Biernbaum, Chief People Officer of Hines | Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines


Stephanie Biernbaum, Chief People Officer of Hines, and Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines, discuss change, innovation and striving to be a "beloved brand".

In 2018, I had the privilege of sitting down with Gerald Hines to hear how he built one of the most respected, legendary names in the real estate business. This follow up conversation with Stephanie and Doug about their leadership in their respective role at Hines, now in its third generation of family leadership, is inspiring and marked with hard-won wisdom. Stephanie, Chief People Officer at Hines, is paving the way for how the industry views the importance of people and culture as predictors of business success. Her outline of Hines’ trajectory from its traditional development roots to becoming a fully integrated global investment management platform underscores important lessons about building community within a team. 

As the CEO of EXP by Hines, Doug leads the innovation team behind Hines Global Ventures and oversees the company’s ESG efforts. He shares how he sees de-carbonization efforts as an investment and opportunity rather than an imposition and obligation. In addition to Doug's valuable insights, check out the background music on today's show where Doug adds his own licks behind my guitar soundtrack.


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