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Ross Perot Jr. | Chairman of Hillwood, Real Estate Developer


Ross Perot Jr., Chairman of Hillwood and real estate developer, talks about his varied businesses, inside and outside of real estate, including the development of the giant Alliance project in Fort Worth, developing public private partnership projects in the US and abroad, and about his father’s legacy.

Legacy comes up right away as Ross reminisces about his father taking him to work, being the first to fly a helicopter around the world, and being a business partner with his dad. They acquired, over time, the land for Alliance in Fort Worth and, of necessity, became a developer of the project themselves during the S&L recession.

Ross talks about Hillwood’s work in public private partnerships across the country, including the airport project at Alliance, conversions of military bases, development of the Victory project in Dallas and his company’s work in Poland. He talks about this all coming together in their development of the Air Force Memorial project.

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