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Rick Caruso | Founder & Executive Chair, Caruso

Rick Caruso, founder and Executive Chairman of Caruso, owner of three of the top ten retail centers in the US, discusses the evolution of how he created breakthrough properties like The Grove, some of secrets of its success, as well as his civic and philanthropic activities in Los Angeles, including his recent run for Mayor.

Rick’s innovative leadership and development thinking has led to the creation of one of the largest and most admired privately held real estate firms in the US, boasting three of the country’s most productive shopping centers, all in Southern California. Perhaps best known is the Grove, where Taylor Swift chose to debut her concert movie the day before our interview.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Rick embodies both traditional values and fresh perspectives. He shares how focus, inspiration, and hard work have been instrumental in moving the needle for his customers, reinforcing many of the themes we often discuss on Leading Voices. However, his insight into his evolution in development thinking is ripe with wisdom that can only come from pushing the boundaries of an entire industry, essentially creating your own model.

From his business successes to highlights of his civic and philanthropic work and his recent run for Mayor of Los Angeles, Rick is a powerful example of the transformative, holistic impact real estate leaders can have in their communities.


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