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Michael Van Konynenburg and Chris Hartung


Michael Van Konynenburg & Chris Hartung | President of Eastdil Secured; and Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Real Estate, UC Berkeley


This week’s podcast guests are Michael Van Konynenburg, President of Eastdil Secured, and Chris Hartung, Executive Director of Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics at Berkeley and Co-founder of the Terra Firma REIT investment funds.

Mike and Chris provide their perspectives on how the downturn is affecting both the public and private commercial real estate markets particularly given the near lockdown in the real estate capital markets. Mike breaks down the overall capital markets and transaction slowdown response, while Chris talks about how trading in REIT portfolios has been impacted.

The conversation turns to preparing for the next cycle, advice to focus on core strategies, and the interrelated challenges of office and work-from-home transitions and the impact, and need for leadership from the real estate industry, on our CBDs.


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