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Matt Slepin (Hosted by Jeff Large) | Managing Partner of Terra Search Partners

Note from the host- In this episode, you will actually hear me being interviewed, rather than me doing the interview. Jeff Large is the editor of Season 2 of Leading Voices. He interviewed me on his podcast, The Jeff Large Podcast, where he talks about tech, podcasting, and running a business. I get to discuss how this relates to real estate from both a recruiting and leadership standpoint. Enjoy!



I founded Terra Search Partners in 2006, a highly consultative executive search firm specializing in the real estate industry. Clients hire Terra as an advisor and consultant to help them understand and hire leaders for their firm.



Curiosity, humility, a deep understanding of others and their industry, and people who talk about mentors and teams are traits that I consistently see in true leaders. All of them come from some depth of knowledge in the industry that they grew up in.

“They don’t just land on the moon and become a leader. They grow up in the industry and they grow up by being exceptional through the pathways that they grow.”

People have built amazing companies in the real estate industry. In Leading Voices, I have had the opportunity to interview some amazing folks who have built great businesses. Indeed, I have gained inspiration and insights from most of the interviews. A few to call out are Fred Tuomi, Gadi Kaufman, Keith Oden, Mary Ann Tighe, Sam Zell, Jonathan Rose, John Rahaim, Jane Graf, Steve Wilson and many others.

I’ve found that my own leadership strength lies in being a thought leader within the industry and an advisor who listens well and tries to continually add value for clients, candidates, and colleagues.



“My success and my happiness becomes not just about my own contribution, but actually about having a company around me that I can teach and work and mentor and have those that love it as much as I do… Teaching that is something that inspires me a lot.”

When ULI asked if I wanted to be their “Terry Gross”, I didn’t realize the level of passion and desire I would have for hosting a podcast series. I find that the breadth of knowledge that I’ve gained over the 20 years I’ve spent in the industry is very useful as I interview the leading minds in real estate.

For me, podcasting is a great way to grow a business through thought-leadership and credibility, but most importantly, I am passionate about showing the diverse value that real estate companies and leaders add to their cities. It’s inspiring both for leaders already in the business as well as young people thinking about careers in the industry.



Find a meaning and a purpose in the work you do. Come to your job with a passion and interest day in and day out, and you will bring things to the next level.

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