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Jordan Slone Chairman & CEO Harbor Group International


Jordan Slone | Chairman and CEO of Harbor Group International

Jordan Slone, Chairman and CEO of Harbor Group International, shares the secret sauce behind the company’s $20 billion, diversified, but apartment-sector heavy portfolio.

With 58,000 units of apartments, Harbor Group International came in 15th on last year’s NMHC top fifty list of apartment owners. They have grown the business from their apartment roots to also now include commercial properties and real estate debt investments across the capital stack. Jordan opens up about how their alternative investment strategies provide important trend forecasting insights and shares the benefits of investing with their ultra-high-net-worth investor base.

Jordan’s passion for mentoring the next generation of real estate leaders is clear. From his business savvy advice to his alternative stance on the work-from-home movement, this episode is full of valuable wisdom for building a strong and sustainable real estate investment platform.

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