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Gary Beasley | CEO and Co-Founder of Roofstock


Gary Beasley, CEO and Co-Founder of both Waypoint Homes, the first single family rental housing company to go public, and now Roofstock, discusses business strategy, building one of the first single family rental companies to achieve scale, and how SFR is a part of the strategy around the housing shortage in our country.

Gary is one of the true innovators in the single family rental business, one of his earliest leadership endeavors being taking Waypoint Residential public after the GFC. Eventually, Waypoint rolled up in with Starwood’s single family rental platform and then into Invitation Homes. Gary went on to found Roofstock, a single family rental investment business platform, one of several companies trailblazing in this still new real estate asset class.

Gary’s creative vision and solution oriented approach to business strategy and community building is pertinent to the ongoing housing shortage discussion we have been focusing on here on Leading Voices. I hope you find inspiration and wisdom in this episode, as we continue to reimagine how real estate leaders can be a pivotal part of the innovation and change in the real estate business.

In addition to my discussion with Gary, you’ll get a sample of a fun project I got to be a part of during my recent stint in Nashville for the annual ZRG meeting: writing and recording a song with my fellow ZRGers. I got to play backup guitar in studio, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip. I am honored to be a part of such a forward-thinking company focused on human capital needs across industries.


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