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Brad Inman | Founder of Inman

Brad Inman, founder and prior CEO of Inman, talks about trends, headlines, and the ecosystem of the single family home resale business.

Brad is a journalist, thought leader, and unstoppable entrepreneur. Inman, a leading media and conference company, is focused on the residential real estate sales market. With over 40 years of experience, Brad’s philosophy and wisdom is an enlightening primer on the market for those of us in the weeds of commercial real estate.

Leading Voices is largely a commercial real estate podcast and therefore our audience has a strong presence in the CRE business. But ultimately, when our family and friends hear this, they assume we are in the Realtor business, headhunting and hiring brokers. In reality, this is an ecosystem that is adjacent to, but very different from where our expertise is utilized. Brad provides the insider perspective on the landscape of the homes sales business and the recent tumultuous headlines.


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