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Brad Dockser on Leading Voices


Brad Dockser | Founder & CEO, Green Generation

Brad Dockser is the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenGen, a global firm dedicated to helping real estate owners and investors move towards a zero–carbon future.

In this week’s interview with Brad, we kick off our third annual month-of-August focus on climate change and the built environment. Brad founded GreenGen with his wife Debbie; the firm operates globally at the intersection of energy, real estate, capital markets, and technology, helping the world’s leading investors achieve a low-carbon future.

Embedding carbon-focused thinking into institutional real estate will require a relentless spirit, a deep understanding of the drivers and discipline of investment real estate, and expertise from companies like GreenGen and leaders like Brad. I’m excited to keep this topic at the forefront of the conversation on Leading Voices this month, and look forward to introducing you to Caroline Johns from Pembroke and Jess Bissey from AEW in the following weeks.


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