Hamid Moghadam | Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Prologis


Hamid Moghadam, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Prologis, shares his career wisdom and the business strategy behind the world’s largest REIT. 

Recorded on May 13 at the Prologis headquarters on Pier One in San Francisco, this conversation with Hamid Moghadam has been on my bucket list since the inception of this podcast. Hamid’s expertise and leadership have pushed the boundaries of what is possible for real estate platforms and brought forth unparalleled performance in both size and scale. 

We discuss the industrial sector and its consistency over the past decade, how Prologis prioritizes its customers by being a global business, company culture, and the role of the brand as a long-time real estate leader in the Bay Area.

This episode goes longer than usual due to Hamid’s wealth of experience and important insights, and I hope you find them both valuable and transformative. 


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