Sports, Entertainment, & Media Recruiters

Since 1996, TurnkeyZRG has completed over 1,250 executive searches spanning the full landscape of sports, entertainment and media:

  • Professional sports teams and leagues
  • College/university athletic departments and conferences
  • Content, digital and social media entities
  • Investors at all stages, including venture and private equity
  • Facilities, including stadiums, arenas and theaters
  • Associations, non-profits and NGB’s with ties to sports and entertainment

Before joining TurnkeyZRG, our leadership worked as senior executives at ESPN, MLB teams, NHL teams, music companies, SEC, ACC and Big East athletic departments and other top organizations within the sports, entertainment and media landscape.

How We Work

We’re called Turnkey for a reason: our industry experience, tenure and technology enable us to work deeper, smarter and faster. We prioritize diversity & inclusion - always. Our process takes less than four weeks to deliver a slate; and less than four more weeks to make a hire. We bring an unparalleled level of analytics and insights to hiring decisions. We stay hands-on to conclusion and professionally close the deal.

What We Deliver

We deliver a turnkey, 360-degree view of each candidate in a fleshed-out candidate portal. We dig deep and keep pushing to uncover the true strengths and weaknesses of every candidate, and put both objective facts and subjective insights into our deliverables. Our deep, long-lasting and wide-ranging relationships make us the best-informed search firm in the industry. Our candidate ranking system and interview feedback tools are second to none.

Our Philosophy

We do talent recruiting from CEO to Manager. In order to know the best C-level executives, your search firm needs to have worked with candidates as they come up. Turnkey works at all levels to know candidates across the arc of time and career. Turnkey has the knowledge and reach to work seamlessly across the globe, finding you the best candidates no matter where they are.

Areas of specialization

Solutions Industries
Diversity & Inclusion Advertising/Marketing
Executive Coaching Associations
Executive Search Colleges/Universities
Leadership Consulting Consumer
Leadership Development Education
Management Consulting Foundations
Recruitment Research Media & Entertainment
  Private Equity
  Travel, Hospitality, & Leisure

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