The Sucherman Group is the top advisory firm for media and entertainment companies around the world. For more than thirty years, Sucherman has been the media and entertainment industry’s go-to partner for every point in the talent cycle, from world-class executive recruitment to leadership development and organizational design.

Making the Right Match

We recruit world-class executive talent for companies, studios, teams and leagues.

With a media and entertainment industry network that is second-to-none, we maintain deep relationships with top leaders. So we know their true accomplishments and untapped potential, not just their reputation and talking points.

We separate fact from fiction, substance from gossip, and performers from resume-padders. We also know that cultural fit is as important as paper qualifications.

We help organizations clearly define the successful candidate. We then connect them with diverse talent who offer the unique experiences and perspectives necessary to drive the innovation that is key to success.

Our global reach gives our firm the insight and reach to source from anywhere. Our thirty years of experience means we are able to provide an array of client services, including:

  • Retained Search
  • Candidate Identification
  • Due Diligence Examinations
  • Pre-Qualifying Candidate Surveys
  • Pipelining Investigation


Managing Change

Today, no executive can be successful without the skills, data and feedback to navigate through transformation.

We go deeper with our clients – learning what keeps them up at night, covering their blind spots and building plans that move the needle.

Sucherman delivers critical insight, no-nonsense advice and practical steps to achieve business goals. Sucherman’s marketplace intelligence informs the optimal business model. Our 360 assessment tools surface friction points and leadership gaps. And our coaching practice helps leaders reach their potential.

Our bespoke approach means you get exactly the help you need, when you need it. Our Leadership services include:

  • 360 Evaluations
  • Executive Coaching
  • Offsites, Meetings & Presentations
  • Strategic Communications

Solving Problems

In a rapidly changing marketplace, organizational design becomes outdated and ineffective.

We understand that performance falls short in the wrong structure and know that companies need more than good-on-paper suggestions or off-the-shelf decks.

Sucherman dives deep with leaders to identify the true definition of success. By leveraging our expansive network to benchmark best practices, our team creates options to restack and rebuild the functional workflow from top to bottom.

The result is a real-world structure – dynamic, sustainable solutions built for each unique culture.

At Sucherman, we don’t just recommend what to do, we create full operational road maps for how to do it. We can revitalize an organization through:

  • Strategic Planning, Development & Validation
  • Organization, Process & Workflow Design
  • Benchmarking

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