Growth Sustained

Having spent three decades in international recruitment firms, Vikki, Steve & Ben joined forces in October 2017. Grateful for the training, career development and incredible experiences those businesses offered us, we were ready to “go it alone”.

The three of us are incredibly different but bring something new & exciting to the partnership. We set about building a company that was agile, entrepreneurial and disruptive. This was when Ignata Finance was born

Our Strategy

We have a strategic plan at Ignata Finance. It is called "doing things really, really well". We think like our customers and we care about our candidates in equal measure. We are always available (much to our families frustration) and when we are not executing on this promise, we are knee deep in data & insight; collecting, analysing, sharing and delivering off the back of it.

We wouldn’t be Ignata Finance if we weren’t dreamers as well though and we are addicted to innovation, learning & consistently challenging the status-quo.

Our Approach

Our business was built by, and is run by, entrepreneurs, so:

– We're always excited by the prospect of work and never scared of the competition
 – As entrepreneurs, we're always on the lookout for new innovations and ideas which gain a competitive edge
– We're better able to translate the concerns and insights of our clients into solutions, making them truly tailored
– We give our people freedom to achieve results the way they want to, thus encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and increasing their commitment and engagement 

Our clients benefit from our agility because we can better meet their demands:

– We’re able to scale up and down according to their requirements
– We’re able to welcome change and harness it to their advantage
– Projects are delivered faster, and to budget
– We welcome and value face-to-face communication
– We regularly pause and reflect on how we can be more effective and fine-tune our behaviour accordingly

Our tendency to disrupt benefits clients because it leads to a better solution:
– We don’t accept the status quo in our industry and are constantly looking for new ways of doing things
– By embracing digital disruption we can engage the best candidates differently, and more effectively, across a range of non-traditional touchpoints
– Digital innovation often equates with speed - we’ll not only provide better solutions, we’ll deliver them faster
– Disruption keeps us agile – we can respond rapidly to new propositions and ideas

See the full Ignata website HERE.

The Ignata Finance Team


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