providing great client outcomes globally with our:

Consulting & Advisory

Targeted Optimization

Culture: Walking The Talk is a global pioneer consulting firm that helps leaders drive the culture they need to successfully implement their strategy, using a methodology first introduced in the best-selling book Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success. For more than 20 years the firm has supported organizations through periods of the rapid growth, transformation, acquisitions, turnaround or reputation repair, ensuring their culture encourages the critical behaviors needed for maximum performance.

Leadership:  Brimstone helps leaders excel at change, through the alignment of leadership goals and business capabilities. Brimstone’s key focus areas include business acceleration; change enablement; executive coaching; leadership development; leadership team alignment; organizational alignment; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and post-merger execution.

Media: Sucherman is the top advisory firm for media and entertainment companies worldwide. For more than thirty years, Sucherman has been the media and entertainment industry’s go-to partner for every point in the talent cycle, from world-class executive recruitment to leadership development and organizational design.

Sales: To optimize an existing sales team or to grow and scale successfully, we have developed Sales Org Solutions. We designed our entire process in the real world, working not only with our clients but on our own sales team to ensure scalability, repeatability, and—most importantly—success. As one of the fastest growing firms in our own industry, we are proof that our data driven decision making works in a growth-oriented environment at scale.