Who are you as a company? So much has been said about company culture in recent years, but sometimes the crucial tasks get lost in a sea of buzzwords. What you stand for is more important than which perks you offer. Our founders offer their views on how culture works—or doesn't—in the interviews below. Summer Anderson talks about the importance of having the right CFO and when it might make sense to have an interim or fractional CFO instead of someone full-time.

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Noah Kindler
Product-Focused Tech Executive, ex-McKinsey/Canoo/Avira/Knotel

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Elad Ferber
Vice President and General Manager, Remote Patient Monitoring at Itamar Medical

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Okey Onyejekwe, Jr., MD, JD
Vice President, Healthcare Ops and Medical Affairs at 23andMe

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Summer Anderson
Managing Director, ZRG Partners

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