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Walter James

Walter James: A ZRG Company

The team at Walter James is now officially integrated with ZRG as CEO James Absalom steps into the Chief Commercial Officer - International role at ZRG

Since the acquisition in December of 2021, Walter James and its employees have been working towards building ZRG’s Supply Chain Practice. This has been a very successful merger and has helped build upon our overall service offering to our clients.

With substantial growth since the merger, along with truly embracing all that the ZRG platform can offer, James Absalom has earned a promotion that will enable ZRG to grow and expand our footprint globally as our Chief Commercial Officer – International. To learn more about his promotion, read the press release HERE.

To learn more about the Walter James acquisition, you can read the full press release from the time of the transaction HERE. For more information on ZRG's global Supply Chain practice, visit the practice group page HERE.

The Walter James Team