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From R&D to regulatory approvals, and all the way to commercial rollout, biopharma companies need leaders to deliver on goals in the most efficient, productive way. However, as a skilled generation of biotech leaders is retiring, many markets are facing a void of experienced candidates. Attracting and retaining diverse talent pools — including women, ethnically diverse candidates and young “up-and-comers” — is critical for drug development to continue at a robust pace. Therapeutic expertise is needed, but talent is in-demand, requiring a focused search.

Tools & GenomicsTools & Genomics

Life science tools are driving discovery and development of life-changing health care products, with genomics and personalized medicine propelling robust sector growth. Executives need a special insight into the needs of research customers; experience with clinical diagnostics also is becoming highly valued. Yet, the right talent can be hard to find — in some markets, due to a shortage of qualified candidates, and in others, because the pool is so vast. It’s essential to go beyond your networks.

Healthcare High TechHealthcare High Tech

Mobile technology is transforming healthcare, fostering greater patient engagement and better health outcomes. It’s now possible to access patient data seamlessly, in real-time, and communicate with patients immediately through an array of apps and online platforms. In this evolving data ecosystem, analytics expertise is highly sought after.

Medical Device & DiagnosticsMedical Device & Diagnostics

Facing increased regulatory fees and a continuing trend of consolidation, medical device and diagnostic companies require leaders who will drive innovation and differentiation. A high demand exists for executives who are skilled in introducing novel products, and with specialties in reimbursement, clinical operations, medical affairs, and reimbursement.


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