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The life science workforce of the future includes a greater share of women, ethnic minorities and millennials in leadership roles. Companies and Boards that can recruit and retain a diverse workforce will prevail.

Greater gender diversity is particularly valued among life science companies. A recent cross-industry study shows that while women make up about half of the workforce, they only represent 24% of the entire C-suite, 10% of the Board seats, and 5% of CEOs. This trend is particularly pronounced in the biotech sector.

While Toft Group always shares in our clients’ ultimate goal to find the best-possible candidates — regardless of gender, ethnicity or age — we feel that our relationships and networks enable us to present more highly qualified and diverse candidates than our clients would otherwise see.

“I’m going to say something about the life science industry that might come as a surprise, based on the very real numbers presented: It’s one of the best sectors around for women to land top executive roles.”

— Robin Toft

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