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Recruiting for a Diverse and Qualified Board

Toft Group leverages its extensive and deep referral network to identify a diverse slate of Board of Director candidates who will help your company reach the next level.

Toft Group gives clients an edge by strategically identifying highly qualified, diverse Board of Director candidates who will amplify your company’s values, culture, and business objectives. Companies with diverse boards are proven to be more innovative and to have improved financial performance. In fact, companies with female CEOs financially outperform those with male CEOs on Wall Street. Additionally, companies with diverse boards and executive teams are attractive to candidates seeking new employers. Diversity will help you navigate the talent crisis, attract the best and the brightest employees.

Too often, corporate leaders identify prospective Board of Director candidates by tapping into their own personal networks, thinking back to successful executive colleagues from current or prior business ventures. To date, statistics have shown that over 70 percent of Board seats have historically been filled without the use of search firms, with only 30 percent of companies – both public and private – having conducted a thorough search.

Toft Group has the network you need to run an efficient, thorough process, and to identify one or more outstanding female leaders. Over 40 percent of Toft Group’s placements are women into leadership positions.

Qualified diversity candidates

Given the new board diversity requirements signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in California, leveraging an executive search firm that has a large network of diverse candidates will become the new normal nationwide. As of October 2018, all listed companies headquartered in California are required to have at least one woman on their board before 2020. (The number increases to two by the end of 2021 for companies with a five-person board, and three women for a six-person board.) With the right search firm involved, achieving California’s new gender diversity mandate with high-quality female executives IS in fact possible. Qualified diversity candidates that are in high demand, it is imperative to look beyond your immediate network.

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