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Relationships are everything, and we have them. We’re embedded in the leadership and Board talent pools of the top life science and healthcare high-tech markets.

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Toft Group is a global executive search firm fully devoted to life sciences, with a special focus on innovation-driven companies at the intersection of biotech and high tech. Our track record shows we quickly fill highly specialized leadership and Board roles with an incredible sense of cultural fit.

Toft Group’s targeted, accurate searches translate into exceptional return-on-investment for clients in all of the three major U.S. biotech hubs we serve: San Francisco, San Diego and Boston. We know these talent pools like no one else, and bring a unique understanding to the hiring needs for key management and Board roles — because we’ve been there ourselves.

The life science industry is always in motion, adapting to new technologies, government regulations and pricing pressures. Toft Group navigates the fast-moving talent pool to build the strong, inspired and diverse team you need to excel.

60% 92%

Nearly 60% of placed candidates are identified within two weeks and presented to clients with the first slate of candidates.

92% remain at their company for at least two years.

Toft Group is passionate about changing the future of health care, one relationship at a time

We understand how critical it is for life science companies to have the right people in leadership roles. Many of us, including founder and CEO Robin Toft, has worked in-house as executives or hiring managers at leading biotech and pharma companies — and each one of us has seen first-hand the enormous impact that a single person can have on the course of a life science company’s short- and long-term success.

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