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The Gold Standard for Interim Placement

In an era of relentless change, colleges and universities need to be nimble—making informed decisions quickly. At times like these you need a trusted partner, one who understands your needs and can connect you to an experienced and vetted network of talented higher education professionals. For nearly 30 years, The Registry has successfully placed more senior interim leaders on campuses across the nation than any other organization. Whether you are searching for the best-matched interim to guide your institution through a challenging transition or you would like to join the ranks of our membership, we invite you to explore and learn more about us. We think you will see why The Registry is the nation's Gold Standard in interim placements.

Registry Best Practices Define the Gold Standard

The Registry’s success matching the right interim executives to the right institutions is made possible by its burgeoning membership of more than 1,000 veteran executives; and is enhanced by the development of—and adherence to—the following six best practices for interim engagements:

  • All of The Registry’s preliminary work is pro bono—including the identification and selection of candidates.
  • Registry interim candidates have already been pre-qualified—and they are immediately available to be matched to the needs and requirements of your institution.
  • The Registry’s business model makes it possible for institutions to cap their overall costs at current budgetary levels for the duration of the interim engagement.
  • A Registry “Expectations Document” is collaboratively developed that defines the purpose, direction and desired outcomes.
  • The Registry is a membership-based organization, which preempts the need for expensive, time-consuming and potentially disruptive open-market interim searches.
  • For nearly 30 years, the Registry has provided the best talent—and its members have delivered the best results.

Positions We Place

  • President/Chancellor
  • Provost/VPAA
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Enrollment Officer
  • Chief Advancement Officer
  • Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Professional & Academic Deans

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The Registry Leadership Team