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RoseRyan’s time-tested financial advisory and accounting management solutions bridge any gaps to power innovative, fast-moving companies through their latest finance challenges and help them reach the next level.

More than 1,000 clients—from startups to Fortune 500 companies across a range of sectors, including tech and life sciences, e-commerce, mobile, social media and more—have relied on RoseRyan’s expert advice since 1993. We offer outsourced, customized, and full-stack solutions and scalable support at every stage of a company’s lifecycle.

Our deeply experienced and innovative consulting professionals seamlessly integrate with the organizations they guide and support - they become part of your team - to help these businesses unlock their true potential.



RoseRyan Solutions

RoseRyan’s comprehensive finance and accounting solutions deliver significant value to businesses, tailored to their exact needs.

  • Emerging Growth
    Take your startup capital further, with a multilayered approach to building the finance function and strengthening the foundation it’s operating on. RoseRyan covers the day-to-day accounting with an outsourced accounting team, with CFO-level guidance, FP&A insights, technical accounting expertise, and other solutions as the business’s needs evolve. Our proven tech stack will set up your company for much more efficient, size-appropriate finance activities. A rapid assessment helps us understand where the gaps lie in finance and operations, and a plan developed for fast improvements—to get your company closer to its growth goals. 
  • Interim Finance
    Companies needing an interim CFO, controller, revenue expertise, FP&A, SEC talent, or technical accountants are covered by RoseRyan. We can bridge the gap for as long as you need us, whether a leave of absence, unexpected turnover, a skills shortage, or a reorganization has led to a temporary opening, or your finance function could benefit from another layer of finance leadership. Our interim finance solutions are an effective way to scale the finance function.
  • Corporate Governance
    The RoseRyan team helps public companies set up their corporate governance structure to meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements. For pre-IPO companies, we help them lay the foundation for eventual SOX compliance, by helping them run their business with financial integrity. With our experts, your company can create a SOX program that’s cost-effective and matches your company’s evolving risks and auditors’ expectations. Our internal audit pros look beyond traditional financial risks to assess the most significant strategic operational and compliance risks and to uncover strategic opportunities.
  • Strategic Projects
    Our strategic project management and consulting solutions meet the pressing demands of exciting events, such as IPOs/SPACs, acquisitions, and divestitures. The changes in front of them are often unexpected and complex, and in many cases completely new to the team. If resources are tight or there’s a skills gap, the team will need outside expertise, guidance and leadership. As trusted advisors, RoseRyan consultants guide companies through changes to revenue recognition and lease accounting rules, and as they require streamlined processes for purchase accounting or stock-based compensation. These are just a few examples—we can take over a particular strategic project and run with it, or act as a supportive force.

Our Values

A shared sense of purpose and defined set of values unite the RoseRyan team, serving as the cornerstones of our success.

  • Trustworthy
    We embrace open and honest communications, and always tell the full story. We meet our commitments and do what’s right.
  • Excel
    We aspire to achieve exceptional performance in our work with a positive attitude at all times. In fact, we strive to go above and beyond to surprise and delight our clients, colleagues, and partners.
  • Advocate
    We are advocates for RoseRyan and our clients wherever we go. We keep our clients’ best interests top of mind. We embed ourselves within our clients’ worlds, whether we are leading their teams or temporarily helping out their teams. We actively propose solutions when we see problems.
  • Team
    A strong sense of teamwork underlies all that we do. We are helpful, friendly, respectful, and accountable. No big egos here. We always have each other to turn to, for questions and guidance, even when we’re working on our own.

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