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The Power of the ZRG Platform During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Chief Growth Officer & Managing Director Alex Bennett places a crucial President role for a FTSE 100 and NYSE-listed company in under 50 Days.


The global pandemic crisis continues to challenge businesses globally and increase uncertainty across nearly all industries. Despite this situation, ZRG was able to place a high-profile President for a NYSE-listed and FTSE 100 company in fewer than 50 days.


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the search for a President of a $1.5B business with responsibility for over 2,500 people was not an insignificant challenge – especially considering a well-respected executive search firm had already tried and failed to produce a suitable candidate in less challenging times. With over six months’ of time, money, and effort already invested in making this crucial placement, the client company turned to Alex Bennett, ZRG Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director, for advice and a solution.


Alex and his search team leveraged the full capabilities of the ZRG platform as time was of the essence. Through determined teamwork across ZRG’s Research, Recruiting, and Client Services groups, a slate of highly qualified candidates was quickly identified, engaged, and presented to the client. In this work, ZRG was not constrained by prior “hands off” or off-limits agreements; this was important because such restrictions had prevented the prior search firm from showing the client as much as 40 – 50% of the potentially suitable candidates available in the marketplace. Further, Alex deployed the firm’s comprehensive suite of innovative search tools to evaluate and assess a wide range of candidates and then zero-in quickly on those best suited for the role.


Less than 50 days after search commencement, ZRG Partners closed the search with a successful placement, resulting in both a very happy candidate and client. 

Alex commented, “A remarkable ZRG effort during the height of the pandemic provides further evidences that our digitally enabled platform and industry-leading technology are helping clients quickly and successfully recruit game-changing leaders at a time when the industry needs them most.”

Larry Hartmann, ZRG CEO, said, “Alex and the ZRG team continue to disrupt an old-fashioned search industry with fantastic performance, exceptional quality, and most importantly, unbelievable results. Many would think a placement of this magnitude in less than 50 days impossible, but we are committed to raising our industry’s standards.”


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